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About 802Tix

We started as a newspaper, many years ago - more than 200 years ago, in fact. And just in the last 20 years, we've expanded into other mediums, from the Internet to social media to ticketing. Throughout our history, our communities have looked to us to find out what's going on - both around the corner and around the world. Events and venues have depended on us and our events calendar for years to bring people in the door and make a successful event.

802tix is our effort to bring low-cost, local ticketing options with robust, local event promotion to our neighbors and local businesses. Our platform works anywhere there's an internet connection, and also works where there's no internet - an important consideration for Vermont! And we do what other ticketing platforms can't - we bring our local Vermont expertise to everything we do, getting the word out about your class, show, festival, food event or any other ticketed gathering to tens of thousands of people in print, online, via social and email.

We are:
Keri Franzoni - Design and Project lead
[email protected]
Keri is deeply involved in the Rutland community, and has worked her way up as a graphic designer, paginator and creative type into full-on web design and production. She's the technical and design lead for 802tix, and the organizational powerhouse that keeps the project on task.

Danielle Goldsmith - Customer Support and Box Office Supervisor
[email protected]
Dani is the ticketing guru, and manages the life of your event from our end. She will support your event entries and plan the promotions. She's also the person who oversees the Box Office at our location on Grove Street in Rutland, where you can walk in to purchase tickets.

Rob Mitchell - Southern Vermont Sales & Community Support
[email protected]
Rob's day job is at the newspaper, but he's all in on 802tix as a way to connect the community through solid partnerships and events.

Kristine Wolfrom - Central Vermont Sales and Community Support
[email protected]

George Nostrand - Calendar Wizard & Podcasting Genius
[email protected]
We call him Shameless George - he's a shameless promoter, and your best wingman for getting the word out about your event. He knows the struggle it is to promote events - he's performed on countless stages himself and has been through the cycle of promoting and setting up events. George has been the calendar jockey at the company for years, after starting the "Local Spin" live music column in the local paper. That means he knows the people behind the events and venues. He's the one who will promote your event every way possible, and have fun doing it too, by George.